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“Roses are red, Violets are blue,
my heart beats only for you.”

She thought of this and led her life
waiting to be that one man’s wife
That man whom she loved more than herself
who broke those barriers to touch her soul
Everything she had was given to him,
her faith, her trust, her love, her life…
She was warned against such men
but she paid no heed as blind in love she was by then
But as months and days passed by
changes in him she could see and tried to figure out why
Her mind wasn’t sure but she believed her heart
because an emotional fool she was right from the start

She tried to talk, she tried to explain,
all her efforts were in vain.
Because a patriarchal society he was raised in
where women follow a process set in
it doesn’t matter who you are or…

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Hello world! My first Blog

Hi Folks,

Dan here. This is my first ever blog on any site. By profession, I’m an Investment Banker working with JPMorgan Chase & a human by Choice 🙂 I love making new friends, Listening to music & almost everything on this planet that makes me smile. If I die prematurely (before 100) & God wants to send me back on this planet, I world request him to make me as Daniel Vaz as I love everything about my life.
Keep reading my blog to know more about me.
Dan Vaz